An Evening Out

The girls arrived at our house some time after noon on Saturday to spend the night.  Robin was at work so Maleigh, Mia and I entertained each other while waiting for him to get home.  FINALLY after what Maleigh seemed to think was forever, Tata came home.  We all decided on Chinese for dinner,  so off we go on our adventure.  We chose the place to eat, sat down at the table and that’s when Mia decided it was time for her to misbehave, I being Nana thought otherwise.  I told her once to stop, apparently that method was not going to work and me being the adult picked her up began swiftly and determinedly walking to the ladies room.  She yelling no, no, I don’t want to go, no! The thought of what if someone calls the authorities on me for showing an act of doing the right thing – removing a child for disciplining in a public place raced through my mind.  But still, I did not want our and everyone seated around us meal and evening interrupted due to a disruptive/unruly child.  We walk into the restroom I first tell her how she is not going to act or misbehave, gave her two swats on her padded bottom, then cleaned her face up, gave her a kiss and hug telling her that I love her very much and asked if she was going to behave correctly at the table.  She said yes, gave my neck a tight squeeze and we walked back to the table.  Guess what, everyone had a wonderful time!

Yesterday after the girls left, Robin told me that you could have heard a pin drop when that restroom door shut – the whole restaurant became dead silent … and you could hear Mia crying – great!  He was right, when we walked out people were talking in a hushed tone… and nobody dared look at me.  I can remember getting my bottom swatted a time or two growing up and I certainly swatted my girls bottom if needed.  I think children need discipline and sometimes you have to find the right formula.  Some may only need a stern voice or look while others may need a different strategy (like mine).  I do not however, believe in abuse of any type!  It breaks my heart to think of an innocent and precious child being damaged through any type of neglect and abuse.

I believe that we as adults, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc have to be a role models, mentors,  teachers for our youth.  We also have to make the tough decisions for them – they’re not ready and don’t have the knowledge or ability to make certain choices … Yes it is very difficult and No nobody likes to do it, but it will only make our families, children,  schools and quite possibly the world a better/stronger place – for everyone!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday and blessed week.



6 thoughts on “An Evening Out

  1. Great post Robin! I agree with you. My mom had that type of discipline. She once took my sister out to the car and some bystander thought she was abusing her kid and called the cops and then the cops came and were upset because it wasn’t abuse at all and had to explain to the bystander the difference between discipline and abuse and how a cop’s time is precious because like you said, there really are kids out there who are experiencing the real thing. Sorry, I’m long winded today, haha. Hope you don’t mind! 😉

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