Starting To Wake Up After A Long Winter’s Nap

It’s still winter here in the good ole USA but these past few days here in Soddy Daisy TN one would never know that until bam cold weather hit us again. Monday it turned cool and this morning we woke up to a surprising frost AND sadly I closed the house back up and had to turn the heat back on – sigh.  But, happily I can report Mother Nature is back to her wonderful tricks and has given us a beautiful warm sun filled rest of the day and yes the windows are up and heat turned off!!

This afternoon the dogs and I were sitting outside taking advantage of the sun when, like them, I became very sleepy and thought I was going to take a sun nap….well that ended like instantly.  The minute I closed my eyes the mind started racing thinking about this and that when I remembered the grapevine I used for my fall porch decorations along with the wonderful tree branches I used for the winter decorations were still in the burn pile . OK, get up girl let’s make a wreath!! Off I go making my way to the burn pile, dogs giving me disapproving looks…I was disturbing their napping time, where the grapevine laid and began pulling it out from under brush.  Luckily it rained over the weekend so it was nice and wet making it easy to work with :).  I got out what I wanted started twisting, shaping, wrapping while almost poking my eye making a nasty scratch on my face as well as scratches all over my arms and hands but….I was on a mission and nothing could stop me!!  I got my wreath formed, jabbed branches around and in the grapevine and started adding a few details.  This was going to be a Spring wreath.  Now, I really don’t need to tell you as some of you may know, I DO NOT HAVE A SHORTAGE of self made wreaths.  But what’s one more right?  I mentioned to Robin that I have been walking around the yard looking for fallen birds nest when he told me there was an abandoned nest in the garage.  I did not want to take someones home but he reassured me that the bird found a new location in the garage.  He got the nest down and I happily gathered it up for my next decorating project.

With all that being said, here is my Spring wreath with a few extras I had lying around…notice the sweet little eggs? They are plastic easter eggs from somewhere way back when.



You will notice in the reflection of my front door the beautiful Tulip tree in full bloom.  I wanted to share with you my lovely view of the blooming trees/shrubs (Tulip, Forsythia) when standing on the front porch or looking out my front door. Just so like I do and overlook the street signs, fire hydrant and extras – I have learned to block these things from my sight and focus on the beautiful trees and mountain.  Our fence which has been here as long as the house (1921) is currently undergoing a makeover.  We had to change out the pickets and restructure the rock columns due to a truck knocking them over when backing up!  Robin spent the weekend working on it.


I do hope everyone has enjoyed the day and have a restful evening.

Love to all,



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