Some Call Them Weeds, I Like To Call Them Flowers

Yesterday I wrote about a blooming tree/shrub in our neighborhood and how I very much enjoyed the view.  I thought I would share a few pictures I took walking around the yard featuring the beginning of Spring when the earth is coming to life with color.



Image result for purple dead nettle

Purple Dead Nettle

(the top image I took but came out blurry so I copied another image so you to get the idea of what the blooms look like) BUT I love how clear the clover and other plants growing look 🙂 not blurry at all!!


Common Chickweed

Wild Violets growing on our sidewalk


Bradford Pear bloom on ground

Bradford Pear Bloom (excited how this picture turned out!)

Bradford Pear (taken outside my bedroom window - raining)

Bradford Pear (taken outside my bedroom window - raining)

This is our Bradford Pear in almost full bloom.  Yes, the smell is offensive but the blooms are gorgeous and I love how it looks like snow (only without the cold weather, ice and muck) when the blooms are falling.   I couldn’t resist, I wanted to show you the more of the tree.  (I leaned out our bedroom window and took the two shots of the full grown/blooming tree in the rain).  This tree is planted beside our garage.


Of course I couldn’t leave out my sweet daffodils mixed

Chick weed

with blue Winter Corn Speedwell


I think the dandelion compliments them with their radiant color of yellow  – kind of makes you feel the warmth of the sun.

I wanted to show you my peonies peeking their heads up out of the soil catching some rays!


Ok so I decided just before publishing this post to include our Weeping Willow.  It has rained so much and now is a muddy mess everywhere!! When I first moved into the house this, the Weeping Willow tree was my first sign of Spring and I would get so excited! Wow that was 26 years ago…..Sometime back we had a severe storm with tornado like winds sweep through and it completely destroyed the old tree (so I thought).  I was devastated.  I couldn’t bring myself to completely remove the tree.  I kept thinking I would hollow it out and plant flowers in it but plans and lives changed. Sometime around 2010, Robin and I decided to clean up around the old stump and what was left of the fallen trunk only to learn the tree had a strong heart and will to live.  This new tree started as a tiny, tiny sprout from it’s mother.  It was one long skinny little bare limb that has grown into this beauty.  It split on it’s own and I have admired and loved it ever since.

I love all the beginning surprises of Spring!  And I am having a blast practicing, learning how to take pictures with my camera 😉

Have a wonderful and blessed day.



7 thoughts on “Some Call Them Weeds, I Like To Call Them Flowers

  1. Wow, look at all of those springy things! We’re getting snow tonight 😦 I just love the story of the willow and the pics are gorgeous! Someday you’ll have to do a Black&White vs Color Challenge. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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