It Only Takes A Spark To Get A Fire Going….

Spring, you are so cunning and teasing.   We almost always know what to expect and yet we tend to think we can out smart Mother Nature during this time of year.  We have experienced a lot of rain, some unbelievably warm weather (80F) and currently we are sitting at 63F with real feel of 65F.  The sun is soaking everything in it’s path with warmth and light.  The wind however, is brisk and coolish letting everyone know that she is bringing us cold weather.  My wind chimes and birds have been serenading me all day and it is the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  The remainder of the week we are expecting much, much colder weather and night temps way below freezing.  (Insert a long sighhhhh, shoulders drop and frowning face).

I have been struggling both mentally and physically with the go ahead of following my dreams of opening a shop.  I have had several melt downs with flooding thoughts of doubt, anxiety and fear of failure.  My emotional train has derailed so many times but then I will hop back on that roller coaster of positive thinking and ride it until I almost spew!! I have the most amazing supporter in the world.  He fills my heart up with so much I think I can, I know I can, I can, I will, I am doing this, THIS is going to happen … that I wonder why am I going through all these ranges of emotions.  One thing I have discovered and can not believe is how difficult it is for a first time small business owner to find merchandise suppliers.  Their requirements are ridiculous and seems out of reach. Robin keeps reassuring me that it is going to all work out but my oh my…..

I have been cooped up  way to long in the house so I put on my tennis shoes and went walking around the neighborhood.  Boy I truly hope no one saw or recognized me because if they did, they would think I have completely lost my mind.  I was talking out loud to myself, crying, singing, looking at homes, praying and whatever else crazy people do….

I came to a particular house with a huge weeping cherry tree in the front yard.  It is not in full bloom but I couldn’t resist snapping this picture.  I love seeing this tree with its pink blooms and the sweet little pink swing living together.  It made me stop, notice them and smile.



I continued walking, doubting, praying, talking out loud, crying with some stifled singing until I reached our house.  I do believe that I can do this and I know in my heart this is really what I want for me and us (Robin is behind me 1000+%).  I have always been known to be a risk taker so why? What? What is going on with me!!??

Have a wonderful evening.



6 thoughts on “It Only Takes A Spark To Get A Fire Going….

  1. Patience! That’s all you need. And at the end, when all your dreams come true, all those meltdowns will have been worth it :). Glad you have such a wonderful husband. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

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