I stopped by my former employer and surprisingly it sort of in an odd kind of way, still felt like “home”.  I’m really not sure how to interpret that feeling or thought.  Perhaps I left on a good note and could I possibly be missed??? Either way no I wouldn’t go back to work there,  yes I do like the people that I worked with, I have no hard feelings toward any of them but I am finding a new way in life …..

Thursday temperatures read 73F and it was an absolutely amazingly wonderful day. I am excited about mowing the yard Friday and getting outside for a while enjoying the warmer temps!! As I’m writing this post both dogs are acting spastic and “cra-cra”.  I think they’re ready to get outdoors for a while.  Well Scarlett for sure, Rango not so much.  He has turned into a dainty girl – a pocketbook dog….(eyes rolling and shaking my head) – all 85lbs!

I’ve had several confirmations regarding my furture plans and I cannot be any happier, satisfied and at peace with myself in making the decision of following my dreams of starting a business.  I have wonderful supporters and have been given so much encouragement that is helping make this journey exciting and something I am loving more and more each day.  When talking to a very dear friend offering suggestions, she filled my heart up with even more hope and happiness.

I know this is not much but I thought I would stop to say hello and wish everyone a wonderful and blessed weekend!! Woo-hoo 🙂




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