Admiring a Day of Hard Work

I know it’s been way to long since I said hello and I really don’t have an excuse or reason for not doing so.  I have been working around the house inside and out doing the hard task of Spring cleaning.  I spent many hours (about 7) outside yesterday working on the yard – with a few (stinging wounds) and lost battles with fire ants, that irritating itch of a tick bite, the on going and never ending war with the bamboo, removing fallen limbs and debris as well as weeds, weeding eating and mowing…. today I am completely enjoying a day of admiring a beautiful yard.  Robin and I have been working on and replaced all the worn out pickets on the fence out front and are in the process of cleaning our old gate and will give it a fresh coat of paint for a complete picture.  This makes me a happy woman!

I have been working on repurposing a few furniture pieces while still trying to acquire a booth for the next adventure in my life.  I have not given up but have to patiently wait due to my lack of experience of never owning a booth.  I know someone will give me a chance….

In the meantime, I have met a person who we both agree are each other’s “long lost best friend”.  Sue is absolutely amazing.  Her spirit and outlook on life is beyond contagious.  I love sitting on the front porch sharing a cup of coffee talking, yard saling and going to estate sales with her.  She has been a godsend, a full and refreshing cup of sunshine the very thing I needed in my life at this moment.

Robin, Maleigh, Mia, Heather and I have all been fighting off allergy turned cold turned ear infection  turned sore throats turned allergies for the past week.  The pollen counts are high and not showing relief anytime soon.  We are already experiencing  80F temps during the day but dip down in the low 40’s at night.  I put my house plants out this past weekend and told them to suck it up and be tough it’s time for them to get some sun!  So far they’re hanging in there. I’ve slowly started buying potted plants for the front and back of the house.  I feel like nature is a month behind and summer is going to be an extremely long hot one!  I really hope not.  I can’t believe it’s the first of May already….time is flying by ….

Now that I’ve sort of checked in but really didn’t say much I hope you have a wonderful day and evening.





3 thoughts on “Admiring a Day of Hard Work

  1. I am beyond thrilled to hear that you met Sue. A ray of sunshine is a rare thing, indeed. Enjoy spring and your new friendship. Put that booth together and show the world what you’re made of!! Sending XXXs and 000s

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