New, Improved and Relocated Robin’s Nest

What a fantastic way to begin a new month and week! The Robin’s Nest has relocated and I am beyond thrilled, proud and every other kind of emotion one can experience with the new and improved end results.

Robin and I worked a good 5 1/2 hours yesterday getting the nest ready and as a reward for all that hard work, my rocking chair sold at the end of the day.  I was taking pictures of the final product when a couple gobbled it up!  Joy, joy, joy!


Have a wonderful day and blessed week!



11 thoughts on “New, Improved and Relocated Robin’s Nest

    • Thank you so much Roda. I’m so very pleased with the way it looks. I will get the pics you wanted but, it might be later this week if that’s ok. I have let every thing around the house go! We lost our Bradford Pear and Weeping Willow last week to a mean summer thunderstorm and have been waiting on the insurance guy to come assess the damage. It has rained nonstop for 2 weeks and the outside is DRIVING me crazy!! Not counting the inside where I have so much stuff piled in my dining room for the booth….I’ve got to get all that moved and organized…..that was probably TMI.

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