Thankful, Blessed and Grateful….

I have had an exciting first two weeks of sales in my booth, The Robin’s Nest.  I love the new location, the wonderful staff and vendors at SugarPlum.  They have been extremely helpful and have given me some very much appreciated tips.  I truly am thankful for the opportunity given to me.


The Robin’s Nest 
Located in Sugarplum
6509 Slater Street
East Ridge, TN 37412


Robin and I have been looking for a vehicle to purchase for my newest and greatest adventure of antiquing.  We looked all over for a long bed truck, a van, a small moving truck….the best type vehicle to meet my needs.  We found a cargo van on our local online Face Book sale page.  The owner was a older gentlemen and used the van for running errors to the home improvement store for small project supplies.  He had put a new motor and transmission in it about 3 years ago and had very little miles on it!  After contacting the owner, he had a set price if paying cash which was the exact amount that we had saved up!  Robin and I both knew it was meant to be. I have been running the roads hot these past two days giving it the Robin treatment and I have to tell you it runs as smooth as a Cadillac and I love driving it!!

And now for the rest of the story…..

Exactly one week after purchasing our van, we brought it home parked in the driveway and there it sat for a week.  Last Saturday I started experiencing pain in my lower gum,/tooth.  I had been eating strawberries all day and thought I had a seed lodged under my crown, after several flossings and brushings  the pain did not ease up nor did I remove any seeds.  I woke up Sunday with a very swollen jaw/face and in extreme pain.  Monday I had Heather take me to a new/different dentist without out an appointment only to learn I had not one but two possible abscessed teeth including the newly root canal/crowned one.  I was heart broken.  The new dentist put me on antibiotics/pain meds and sent me home. I wake up Tuesday with severe swelling in the jaw/face, called Heather to come see if I wasn’t imagining it only to learn I had to make a fabulous trip to the ER just to receive an injection, a bill and a goodbye.  I followed up with the new dentist Wednesday he looked at me and said the tooth needs to be removed but we can’t do it here, it will have to be done surgically.   I told him I didn’t have dental insurance and he says it’s like this…..your situation has now become life threatening either you do it and live or…  So, off to the oral specialists I go…same day.  The specialist took one look at the x-ray and says be here in the morning Thursday, we will be removing booth teeth.  My heart semi-sank as I thought about all that money we spent on the root canal/crown being thrown out the window…I say semi-sank because I was heavily medicated.  Thursday I get to the surgeon’s office and within 2 hours I was happily on my way home with two huge holes in my gum, two missing teeth and high on pain meds.  I lost a complete week from all this and now trying to play catch up.  The surgeon told me the root canal was cracked and there was bacteria growing from the cracked root canal.  I had just finished up everything with that ordeal about 3 months ago after going back more than once complaining of pain, swollen gum and something not feeling “right”.  Unfortunately that dentist couldn’t find anything wrong.  I still am experiencing a little pain but feel so much better.  Oh, and I’m currently off all pain meds.

Overall, I am blessed, thankful and grateful for life and for what God has in store for me.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.




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