Do You Remember When….

This past weekend after setting up my booth, Robin and were driving home when I notice a newly planted tree displaying orange/red leaves.  I purposely slowed down to make sure it wasn’t dying from the heat and to my surprise the leaves were turning colors – FALL colors! I became excited and told Robin to look at them.  After that, we started paying attention to more trees displaying some color.  We’ve been waking to cool temps in the morning, currently 66F with afternoon temps reaching the upper 80s lower 90s.  As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here this morning with my house windows open enjoying this cool, cool morning ….  yes, it brings a huge smile to my face with a peaceful sigh.

Just earlier this week mom and I were talking about “remember when” and I asked when we were younger didn’t we use to start enjoy cooler weather around this time of year?  You know when Mother Nature is bringing summer to an end and slowing things down, especially after school started.  I remember associating school with red, yellow, orange colors from the the turning trees, apples, pumpkins, sunflowers – from the garden harvest and canning…Do you remember when we would have to wear a jacket with our Halloween costumes because of the cool evenings.  And the evening fires?  I do hope we have a beautiful season and get to enjoy the remember when nights and days.

Don’t get me wrong I like the summer season and very much enjoy the vacations, softball/baseball, picnics and family cookouts.  BUT I do enjoy and love it when time starts to slow down and things become a little more….ahhhh.

Have a wonderful day and week my friends.




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