The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude Day 6: The ability, strength and health for walking

A dear client Connie, of the animal hospital where I use to work would call me for an occasional luncheon.  She would meet me at the hospital and off we go.  Luncheons with her were so very pleasant and relaxing.  I’ve been mailing my Christmas cards out and of course she was on my list.  I received a texted from her a few days ago saying she received my card.

Let me back up a minute – after I left the workplace, my time has been filled with grandkids and taking care of the home front.  I have officially become a homebody which is unbelievable to admit much less say out loud.  I was never truly contented being home – I use to love going out -EVERY chance I got.

With that being said, we (Connie and I) haven’t been out to lunch together for over a year.  In her text she told me how her health has declined even more and very quickly.  Many, many years ago she was in a terrible, horrific car wreck and by the grace of God was saved from death.  She suffered severe injuries one of which both legs were crushed.  She had several, numerous surgeries and after years of rehabilitation and physical therapy was able to walk.  I have learned that over the past 6 months she has been completely bed ridden, working with a team of 5 doctors trying to save one of her legs and design a brace to help support the disability of not having complete use of her legs.  She will have to relearn to sit and walk and will never be able to drive again.  My heart is broken into pieces.  Connie is a precious lady and I love her dearly.

I have taken on a new mindset for myself this week and started a walking routine. Please understand I am not the person always working out or eating healthy.  In fact, I’m pretty much the opposite.  I started walking because of having a really bad morning of fighting off the blahs.  I made myself get out of the house and walk.  It was what I really needed and now started looking forward to it.

Today while walking my route through the neighborhood, I realized just how truly blessed and grateful I am.  I have two healthy legs, a healthy body, eyes to see, ears to hear and the ability to get out and enjoy the world around me.  I hope to never forget just how fortunate I truly am.

Much love from~



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