Makeover #3

Next, the hall/stairway.  Now I did to my dismay and without logical reason pick out the color for the hall/stairway and am still to this day thinking why??? I guess it’s because it was the going color?  I really don’t have an answer other than, I’m sorry.  Last year for Valentine’s Day, Robin took all that dreary, one big huge mistake away….what a mighty fine man.  It is and will always be the best Valentine’s Gift he could ever give me.  I looked at that stinking wallpaper and color for way to long.  Just like the other rooms.  Anyway, I was delighted with the voodoo he worked.  The color is slightly darker than the master bath but reveals so much light that every little speck, scratch, flaw shows.  But, that’s ok – it keeps the challenge of keeping it “straightened up” at hand.


Again, all I have are pictures during Christmas.



Awww – I’m in love




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