Wonderful Peace

I’m sitting here at home with all the windows open enjoying a cool breeze – yes a cool breeze at the end of June in the South, and an overcast sky.  The birds are singing a joyful melody, dogs talking to each other, the occasional sound of children laughing while playing outdoors makes for a restful moment.  I’ve enjoyed these past two days immensely.  I have had and found so much inner peace, tranquility and happiness.  I’m not sure what it is I’m doing – but hope to learn so I can continue to be this calm inside and at one with myself.  My routine hasn’t changed – which desperately needs to!!  I’m sleeping soundly, body aches a little, but am at peace.

I need to start back doing yoga oh how I need to!  I was reading and commenting on a friend’s blog stating my plan after leaving my job has completely gone astray and I have become so lazy (idle) with a tremendous amount of weight gain and lack of some motivation.  I should make a workable/doable schedule, create a routine for me!  It is so relaxing and comforting when one can wake up and start the new day with a purpose while feeling refreshed and ready!

I am in awe and inspired by so many people I follow by their inner beauty, love of nature, spiritual guidance, knowledge, wisdom, honesty and ability to bring laughter at the perfect moment when most needed.

I admire Roda for her positive mindset and uplifting spirit.  I would love to get to that point in my life and be able to live it everyday.  Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

I have met and made so many friends through blogging, but these dear friends, sisters have supported and encouraged me in so many ways that I can not say Thank You enough!





I can only hope that I did not offend anyone by not listing additional names or blogs that was not my intention. Please know you have been and are encouraging, knew the exact words to say when needed, and someone I call my friend.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.




27 thoughts on “Wonderful Peace

  1. Awwww! You’re going to make me cry. This is a beautiful post and thank you for the shout out. You’re blog is equally encouraging! I always look forward to your morning quote memes when I wake up and I just love your stories! If you find a good yoga routine, do share! I want to get into yoga too. 🙂 Love you girlie!

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  3. You are too sweet, my friend! Take life one day at a time. Don’t look back and don’t look too far ahead. Be kind to yourself and take each day for what it is. Find gratitude in each moment. As for yoga and meditation, it makes all of the difference in the world for me. My goal each day is to just put my workout clothes on. I love them! They are comfortable and cozy. I have that visual reminder all day to stop and take time for myself. Tomorrow, start with just putting your work out wear on. See where that takes you… 😉
    Love and hugs! 💚

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  4. Thank you so much for counting me as one of your friends in this wonderful post. You know I think the world of you and really cherish your friendship. I want you to know that I’ve been lacking in structure, too. Maybe we can figure out a way to cheer each other on. 🦇🦇

    I am always talking about my close blogging friends to my long-suffering Bill and he just can’t understand how people online can become so close. It is so easy when .you find people who share your interests. I have been lucky enough to meet a few people who “get” me. That’s not an easy thing to find in the willy wacks of central Maine. It’s just such a comfort to know there are others out there that are just as batshit crazy as I am. Even better they are MY kind of batshit crazy! 🦇 💩 😝

    Love you, sweetie! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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  5. This was such a nice post! I really enjoyed reading it. I really enjoyed doing yoga too, when I was doing it. Can’t even remember why I stopped going. Hope you get back into it!
    I’m jealous! It’s cold and rainy in the north 😦 I have two weeks holidays coming up after Friday, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

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      • A week into my holidays and just back for a short bit and finally had some time this morning and this evening to do a bit of reading and catching up! The weather has been funny here – had three storms, including a squall which picked up and moved the boat house 6 feet (full of tools and furniture and all!) in one day, and then calm and 30 degrees Celsius the next, and so forth. I’m burnt to a crisp and kinda done lol. Enjoying my holidays though! I still have to do a follow up to your award nomination post, which will likely still be a week from now! Been missing following along your latest adventures and hope to catch up soon! Hope you’re having a fantastic July!

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      • It has been raining for a week! It’s a mess! Fourth of July was a soggy one but had a great time with the family. I’ve been a little busy and have 3 nomination awards to do! Take care of that sunburn but enjoy what time you have left! July is going good really not complaining to much about the rain.


  6. Beautiful post Robin. Very comforting words. I can feel the peace that you’ve found just in your writing. I need to get back to yoga too. Went one day, then never got back to it. I’ve lately found myself not doing enough and I’ve been blaming it on the heat and humidity.

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  7. this is so inspiring! I’m sure meditating could try ou back into the mind set of doing yoga and into a relaxing yet healthy routine! have a look at my blog if you wold like , I’ve just started it up but have some spiritual guidance and positive thoughts on there! https://spiritualsecrets.blog x

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