And That’s The Gospel Truth…

If you have never had or taken the opportunity to visit Roda at Growing Self, you are missing out on some of the most beautiful images of critters/animals, nature, plants (all from her gardens and farm), wonderful words of wisdom, inspiration, encouragement, knowledge and kindness to ever be bestowed upon friends.

Let me just give you a brief Autumn and not so still spider story giggle…

Last week I was taking the dogs out for their breakfast and bathroom break. I opened the backdoor and absentmindedly looked up in the left corner window pane of the door – there sitting in the middle of her huge web was an Argiope Spider (writing spider) waiting for her breakfast.

No, I did not grab a camera and start taking pictures.  Instead, I grabbed the broom and tried “gently” without hurting her, removing her from my back door. She was very comfortable there and was pleased with her newly found residence and did not want to move.  I slammed the door hoping to get some type of message to her but, I watched her bounce up and down on her web as if on a trampoline (probably laughing at and mocking me).  I took the leashes off the dogs, mustard up some much needed courage and with a little more persistence tried removing her.  She reluctantly gave up and dropped midway down the door – I was thinking go on…please find a new place to live…but no she quickly zipped back up the door to her comfy resting place.  I took a deep breath, somehow managed to get her on the bristles of the broom and quickly, very quickly, haphazardly quickly helped her completely out of the doorway and on to a new, brighter, much safer adventure and place to live!!  I watched my arms grow shorter and shorter along with the broom with each movement I made knowing that spider was on the other end….

Image result for writing spider

Image result for writing spider

– I googled pictures of the spider for you (THIS IS NOT ME HOLDING ONE!) –

Whew, that was over…I took the dogs out while avoiding the area where I released her.  After a few days of going about my business and morning routine, it was not until Saturday that I found where she had taken up her new residence!  I was picking ripe tomatoes and peppers from the garden when for some reason decided to look up and there she was hanging above my head in the sunflowers with her new address proudly displayed in her web.  Did I grab the camera?  Nope.  Did I grab the broom?  Nope.  Did I think of Roda and her taking a picture of the spider and writing a lovely post about her?  Yep!!  I left her alone, finished picking my produce while slowly walking away (backwards) and went inside the house.  Once inside I began shivering, jumping around while doing the “just walked into a spider web” dance.

Just a quick update, she is still happily living above the garden plants at the same address (I make sure to check every day).

Have a great day 🙂





17 thoughts on “And That’s The Gospel Truth…

  1. Awww and here I thought I couldn’t possibly love you more and you do something lovely like this. Spiders can be scary to some, but they are necessary. They eat more insects than any other species. Their venom is used to make medicines for humans. They might be a little creepy, but think of it this way, you new little friend is helping you keep those garden plants less buggy! ❤️ 🕷 ❤️


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