It’s been a very busy past few weeks!! Maleigh lost both bottom teeth and is phasing in Kindergarten!!

She is growing up so fast- it’s breaking my heart 😦 .  We’ve got a long way to go getting a routine set-whew! I know it will all come together like clockwork soon! 

I got all my fall making wreath supplies out and I’m ready to get started doing what I love 😂. I will post pictures of them when I get them made.

I have my dining room turned upside down trying to get my kitchen put together and it’s driving me crazy. Unfortunately I inherited my mothers gift of a messy house makes for a very, very unhappy woman!

Here is a sneak peek of what we have done so far in the kitchen –

There’s still quiet a bit more to do… Cabinets doors to be made / installed, touch up painting and add additional trim work around cabinets and fridge surround, install back splash behind stove (Robin is going to make from same wood used on countertops), install range hood and dishwasher, make/paint panrty door…. to name a few.  

I am in love with my kitchen!!  It is my dream come true-more than I could imagine, truly a labor of love. Robin has hand crafted everything! The cabinets, the countertops -made from our old back porch, to manually laying the concrete floor!!  Yep he is a jewel definitely a keeper!! I am one lucky and blessed girl 😍.

I hope everyone has a great day.



11 thoughts on “Heelloooo!!

  1. Those countertops are GORGEOUS! And inspires me to get that wood look installed in our kitchen one day. Your man is very definitely talented!! I’m glad it’s all coming together Robin, it truly looks fabulous!

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