Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I am super excited and can not wait until tomorrow Friday to get here!! My sister has taken time out of her busy schedule and is coming to my house to help me with my blog! The building of excitement and anticipation.  I can not thank her enough for helping me take another step down the path of my dreams……She truly understands how much this journey means to me and is cheering me on.  As a bonus, mom is coming with her! I have been cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning, and of course decorating this house as best as I can with construction going on all around the inside. Well mainly the kitchen but isn’t the kitchen the heart of the home???  It is for my family.  Seems like every time we get together with friends and family we end up in the kitchen.

I texted my sister informing her that it is a disaster zone here and she laughing it off says I don’t care – me oh, dropped my head with slumping shoulders said maybe you don’t but I do! I told my mom the same thing and she says we’re not coming to look at the mess we’re coming to visit.  Now how many times have I walked into my girls home (just for a visit) and immediately starting thinking hmmmm….and start picking up stuff, taking dishes to the kitchen, making up the kids beds and offering to help them clean….not going to look at the mess – ugh.  Anyway, last night I was telling my husband about the text conversation and he says babe, they’re right, there is nothing you can do about it…I hung my head in defeat and weakly admitted to every one being right.

So looking forward to a new blog look, conversation and laughter with mom and sis.


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