It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…Part 2

If you missed the beginning of The Robin’s Nest Christmas tour you can find it here. I didn’t want to overwhelm everybody with too much Christmas so I decided to post different rooms over the next few days.

Today I am focusing on the kitchen and stairway.  As you may already know, we have been renovating our kitchen for almost a year now.  We completely gutted it and Robin has been doing all the work – custom building cabinets, plumbing, ventilation, laying concrete floor … EVERYTHING on his days off and/or any spare time-which is hardly never.  It’s been a journey/process – I’ll say but one so rewarding and makes my heart burst with pride and love!!! There are a few details to wrap up as well as repainting, installations etc then our kitchen will be complete!!

I will feature one of our (his) latest completions (over Thanksgiving break) that makes me swoon every time I look it 🙂

For the kitchen, I decided on a “Vintage Red/White Christmas” theme.  In here I have a few vintage pieces mixed with new pieces and I love that you really can’t tell the difference!!  Notice the precious hand print birds on the open shelves?  This was my gift last year from my grandkids.  I LOVE AND ADORE IT and it goes perfectly in here!  Another treasure I have in this room is my grandmothers china cabinet – (I can remember when I was 5-6 years old just staring, studying admiring my Granny’s china sets and crystal she had displayed for hours).  We don’t have our windows installed but, I couldn’t resist hanging up some garland.  Even the pot hanger got a little Christmas cheer.  One of our family favorite traditions is watching The Polar Express movie and pausing it at the hot chocolate scene only to run into the kitchen to make us a cup and join in the fun!! I haven’t bought a galvanized stand and really don’t think I will so what do I do when setting up my hot chocolate bar?  Improvise!! I have a cake plate stand, red mug, small green salad plate, red platter – voila what more can you ask for?  I am so very, very happy with the way this room has turned out and fall in love with it every time I walk in it – my dream come true.

Do you see that beautiful stove with the newly installed range hood and breathtaking back splash?  The back splash is the same wood that my wonderfully talented husband used (removed old back porch) when making our dining room table, open shelves and counter tops. Oh, and he is making a stainless steel cover for the galvanized pipe.  This is what he did while on Thanksgiving break – I am the luckiest girl in the world!!



We have the downstairs covered, now let’s head upstairs…

This year I added a Nativity Collage to our home.  I am just starting this collection but am so very pleased with how this little vignette turned out (the plush lamb belonged to the girls when they were babies).  I decided to display the Nativity sets in the landing of the stairway and use a more neutral garland on the railing. A happy snowman wishes you a Merry Christmas when you reach the top of the stairs!


Don’t worry….I have more!! I will continue my Holiday tour in another post or two 😉 .

Much love from-



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