Dance By The Light Of The Moon

This morning was a more earlier than normally scheduled morning for us.  Robin had a 6:30 a.m. work class.  He usually goes to work around 7-7:30 a.m. depending upon the time of year (daylight savings time) or the distance to the job site. Yes, I get up with him start his coffee, make his lunch and visit before he leaves for work.   We saw the bright beautiful larger than life super moon and talked about it being a blue moon, lunar eclipse and blood moon!! What an event and phenomenon.  I got to see the beginning of the eclipse with a red ring around the moon as I watched it slowing and silently disappear becoming one with the sun and earth.   I so badly wanted to take pictures but there are too many lights and disturbances in the the way.  It was amazing and felt like some sort of magic.  I love being apart of – experiencing Nature and the Universe while doing what they do best….LIVE!

Have a wonderful and blessed day.



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