A Small Gesture With A Loving Heart

Friday two weeks ago Maleigh, Sue and I were out and about doing the yardsaling thing when we came upon a moving sale not far from the house.  We parked walked into the garage and I was in – choir singing “Heaven” – as it happened, the lady that lived there loves to decorate for EVERY season just like me! 🙂 You could only imagine my giddiness and child like eyes when I saw all the goodies she had for sale (300+ seasonal cookie jars, 5 gazillion Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine…decorations! Endless).  Breathe, breathe, ok, ok I’m calm. … It was such a magical place.  Not because of all the wonderful things she had for sale but for the wonderful people she and her husband are.  I did buy a few things but wished I could buy everything…

After starting my Saturday morning ritual, I just couldn’t shake the thoughts of the two delightful people I met the day before.  In fact, she Brenda remained on my for the entire week.  From the moment I woke, through out the day and before going to bed.  I told mom what was going on and she suggested that I bake some bread and take it to her letting her know that I’ve had her on my mind.  (You know it is a southern thing we do).  So, I followed her advice but had to wait a few days before making my way back to the home, only to learn that their house was already on the  market, sold and EMPTY!  My heart sung.  I was really wanting to tell them how much they had touched my heart.

Disappointed I went back home.  Later that evening I was looking up addresses for yard sales and noticed one address passed by Brenda’s house.  The following morning I thought why not, I pulled in the driveway, rang the doorbell, no answer but I could hear people talking inside.  I knocked loud on the door and surprisingly Brenda answered!! I didn’t have the bread with me but had a card I bought for them.  I told her what was going on and why I was there and wanted to let her know just how much spiritually she meant to me. I could not control my tears while telling her this and she started crying and hugged me.  I was stepping back to tell her goodbye when she said you know what I want you to do?   I want you to back your car up to our garage and take whatever you want that was left from the sale.  I looked at her in shock and said oh no I couldn’t do that, I did not come by here for your things, I came by here to tell you that you’ve been on my mind all this time.  She said Robin I have never had anyone to do something like this out of the goodness of their heart and I want you to have it.  Again, I could not control my tears.  So I got a few things when her husband came out and said what’s going on in here.  We told him the details and he said I remember you.  You’re the one that came downstairs to see our Snoopy collection.  He then said I bet I have a Snoopy you’ve never seen.  It is the one that sat atop the MetLife Building in Atlanta.  I told him I was in the East Ridge Antique Mall last week and saw one there! Happily he said that was his, the one he was talking about.  I exclaimed really! I have a booth there and both of them yelled they do too!  Oh what a small world :).   Well after all the excitement calmed down, Fred looked at me and said I tell you what, you can have everything here left over for your booth or to do what you would like to do with it!  Oh the tears, tears, tears.  Brenda told me that way I could think of them whenever I used a decoration and she will keep my card forever.  I don’t need a decoration to remember these special and wonderful people.

I couldn’t get all of the stuff that day but as it worked out Robin didn’t have to work Saturday.  We, Robin, Brenda, Fred and I packed, packed, packed and packed some more. Loaded my car to the gills (Fred offered to help take boxes to our house) and off Robin and I go to unload and pick up more boxes.  While we were gone Fred continue to pack and Brenda continued to bring more stuff out for me to take! It took us about 30 minutes to unload the car and then head back for another load. On the way back to their house Robin and I discussed how much we appreciated the offer of help moving the boxes but didn’t want to inconvenience anyone so we would take as many trips needed to get it all moved. Well I could not believe the great job Robin did of packing and arranging boxes in the car.  It only took three trips!  After two hours of hard work you could not see the top of my dining room table and could barely walk around it!  The room was packed full.  It was a happy, happy morning :).  Around lunch that same day, I get a call from the antique store and one of my large furniture pieces sold OH WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! I get up Sunday morning with a heart full of happiness and love.  Feeling like I just won the lottery, I get another phone call from the antique store saying another large piece sold!! Well now I’m on top of the world and thanking God for all his blessings, joy and friendship he has given me.

I have several wonderful pieces that I am keeping as well as several things to sell.  I am on the hunt for replacing my pieces sold, pricing and inventorying lots and lots of items.  Also, I have contacted replacement companies for buying china sets, glasses and figurines for collectors.  I can not believe the goodness I have received and am so thankful for listening to my mom and doing something as small as handing someone a card and telling them how special they are to me.

Have a blessed day!

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8 thoughts on “A Small Gesture With A Loving Heart

  1. What a wonderful story! If you had a started a shop with goods from wholesale companies, you probably wouldn’t have even met these people. And once you did meet them, things fell together. This is the start of your business. You sold two large pieces and now there will be more to follow. Congratulations, my friend. I see a shop in your future!

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