It’s All About The List and Checking It Twice

Sooooo for the past couple of days I have and no I’m not ashamed to say it out loud, admit it, clearing throat – stand up straight – announce that I have been working on a Christmas decorating list!  There I said it – it’s out in the open, no turning back now.

Usually I just wing it during my decorating dance but as I was thinking nonstop and coming up with new ideas for this year, it occurred to me that I should write them down.  I couldn’t write them fast enough it was like something had taken control of my brain – oh wait it was me and my imagination-hahaha.  I started feverishly writing and at one point I couldn’t read my own writing!  Whoa, slow down there Bessie!! I calmly sat down at the computer and away she goes!!! I have completed six yes six full single space 12 font pages ready to start my 7th page of decorating ideas/plans/need to purchase list.  I am amazed at how well organized I feel just by doing this process.

I can visually see each room with all the plans and ideas coming together perfectly.  Now if Halloween would just hurry up and get here and go so I can start -wink 🙂

Let the decorating for Christmas countdown begin!! Yippee

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.



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